Fringe reviews

Japanese girl

(When asked why she came two nights running) It’s so joyful!
(Best compliment we’ve ever had. She’s right.
Music + Dance + Social Interaction = Joy.
Ken the dance teacher/caller)

Natasha Peachey

What fun – excellent caller, great music, good workout and I couldn’t stop smiling for 2 hours!

Julia Weber

Lauriston Hall is quite a well-known Ceilidh-venue for regulars. So newcomers will have people to take them through the dances which are explained in a good way. Ceilidh-ing is a scottish experience not to be missed. So join in the fun!

Terry Palmer

Great fun and tremendous exercise in an excellent venue. The band was great – though the caller was a bit hard to follow at times (Hoots maun, ah dinnae ken whit ye’re haverin oan aboot – the caller) – but, overall, a really good evening

Patricia Ronaldson

Great fun, exhausting but everyone was very friendly and helpful with the dances

Davide Bocciardo

I went last Monday and yesterday. The band of the saturday is great and also the organisation is good

stephen Neville

What a friendly and fun way to learn Ceilidh dancing – no airs and graces just good fun dancing and you get taken through all the steps. The girls even get to pick their partners – great fun 3 stars

Dave Burkimsher

It was a little bit quiet for a school night but it reminded me how much fun ceilidhs are. I was quite sweaty in no time and spent most of the time grinning. It was also quite cool that there were a few fringe comedians there – they were pretty good joining in. I`m pretty certain I`ll be back again before the end of the month.

Benjamin Parsons

This is so much fun, and one of the highlights for my festival week. Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before or you’re a bad dancer, you won’t be alone, and you’ll have a great time. It’s an amazing experience and the live music is excellent. It’s a real workout though, so be prepared – I would have gone again but my feet were too sore! The large room and air con make a big difference.

Le Patin Libre

We had an awesome time at your ceilidhs! Thanks for being so welcoming and sharing this culture with foreigners.

Une jeune fille francaise

J’adore les ceilidhs.
+44 (0)131 339 5374 (24 hours)