Ceilidh videos

Please note that the sound quality of some of these videos is poor as they were recorded on a tablet
For better sound quality see Ceilidh Bands above

Canadian Barn Dance 23/1/16

Dashing White Sergeant 17/8/16

Dashing White Sergeant 25/11/16

Dashing White Sergeant 31/12/16

Eightsome Reel 31/12/15

Eightsome Reel 6/8/16 – wedding party

Eightsome Reel 25/11/16

Eightsome Reel 26/8/16

Eightsome Reel 21/1/17

Flaming Heather ceilidh band

Thanking Flaming Heather 23/1/16

Flying Scotsman

Gay Gordons 22/1/16

Highland Scottische 22/1/16

HLI ceilidh band

Polka? 20/1/17

Pride of Erin Waltz

Scott Leslie ceilidh band 6/2/16

Shetland Strip the Willow 31/12/15

Shetland Strip the Willow 12/8/16

Shetland strip the Willow 25/11/16

Shetland Strip the Willow 31/12/16

Strip the Willow

Strip the Willow 31/12/16

Virginia Reel 25/11/16

Willie Fraser ceilidh band

Youngest dancer so far 21/1/17

Auld Lang Syne 31/12/15

Auld Lang Syne 22/1/16

Auld Lang Syne 23/1/16

Auld Lang Syne 6/2/16

Auld Lang Syne 11/8/16 – Chinese students

Auld Lang Syne 12/8/16

Auld Lang Syne 13/8/16

Auld Lang Syne 19/8/16

Auld Lang Syne 20/8/16

Auld Lang Syne 26/8/16

Auld Lang Syne 31/12/16 9.30pm

Auld Lang Syne 31/12/16 midnight

Auld Lang Syne 20/1/17

Auld Lang Syne 21/1/17

Auld Lang Syne 3/2/17 Uruguayan students

Auld Lang Syne 4/2/17

An international evening