Ceilidh Bands

The ceilidh bands play at anniversary, birthday, charity, student, wedding ceilidhs etc.

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Borders ceilidh band (accordion, fiddle, caller) Video Israel, Malaysia, Russia and the USA; Caledonian and St Andrew’s societies in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Venezuela; Edinburgh Fringe
Flaming Heather ceilidh band (accordion, fiddle, caller) Video  letter2 Edinburgh Castle, Royal College of Physicians, Pollock Halls – South Hall, Edinburgh Academy, Signet Library, Edinburgh Fringe
HLI ceilidh band (accordion, fiddle, guitar, caller) Video letter2 Assembly Rooms, Queen’s Hall, Germany, Italy, Jersey, Russia, Edinburgh Fringe
Paddy Bar ceilidh band (fiddle, flute, keyboard, caller) Video 2-piece

Video 4-piece

Kings Hall

Lauriston Hall

Scott Leslie ceilidh band (accordion, drums. caller) Video letter2 Edinburgh Castle, Queen’s Hall, Corn Exchange, Up-Helly-Aa Shetland Accordion & Fiddle Festival, Edinburgh Fringe
Willie Fraser ceilidh band (accordion, drums/fiddle, caller)  Video letter2 Queen’s Hall, China, France, Norway, South Africa, Edinburgh Fringe
Ken Gourlay (dance teacher & caller) letter2 Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Jersey, Russia, Edinburgh: Academy, Castle, Fringe, Queen’s Hall