Hiring Lauriston Halls as an Edinburgh Fringe Venue – NOT available at present – looking for another Fringe Venue

Fringe Venue Manager
Ken Gourlay
3 Hayfield
Edinburgh EH12 8UJ
+44 (0)131 339 5374 (24 hours)

Lauriston Halls are available for Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows and rehearsals.
The Small Hall is useful for band practices and rehearsals

To save everybody time, you need to fulfil the following conditions before we go any further:

Lauriston Halls are owned by a church so No stand-up comedy, blasphemy or nudity

Your show must finish by the contracted time, otherwise it will be cancelled. If you think there is any likelihood of over-running, don’t book with us

Copyright clearance

Public liability insurance, proof. If one of your group is a member of the Musicians Union or Equity or a similar EU body (but check you are covered in the UK), you already have this (in the case of the Musicians Union up to £10 million per claim. Membership of the Musicians Union costs about £150 per year). Otherwise the Edinburgh Fringe Office can help you with this for your time at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Payment of rental cost on signature of contract. If this gives you cashflow problems, we take credit cards.

Security: you must have somebody at the front door checking bags, handbags, rucksacks etc. – possibly the same person that checks tickets. All internal doors must be left unlocked. Fire escapes must not be obstructed.

The venue manager will communicate with only 1 person from your group so if you are being funded by a university, local authority, arts body etc. you need to decide who this person is

Work permits for non-EU staff, proof

We would prefer you provide front-of-house staff, but if this is a problem we can supply staff at £10/person/hour

Text in blue is hyperlinked to images

Entrance from outside   Entrance from inside

  Large hall & stage Small hall Bar
Size 25m x 17m
~ tennis court
8m x 6m
Capacity 200 50  
Stage 8m x 4m    
Backstage Corridor behind stage    
Dressing room Included Included  
Sound PA system included Included  
Special Air-conditioning, modernised Piano Soft drinks, tea, coffee, crisps £1
Rent £30 / hour £15 / hour Alcohol £3

Ogilvie Room: 5m x 5m, 20 people, £20/hour

Sinclair Room: 5m x 3m, 20 people, £15/hour

Toilets: 5 female cubicles & washbasins, 2 male, 1 disabled on ground floor

The rent assumes a 1/4 hour get-in and a 1/4 hour get out free for your audience on either side of your rental period e.g. if you pay for 6-8pm you can get entry at 5.45pm, your show must finish by 8pm and you and your audience must be out by 8.15pm. If you need more than this (e.g. for sound setup), you’ll be charged pro-rata for the extra time

The Large Hall has moveable partitions which allow you to adjust the size of the Hall to the size of your audience

Lighting very variable & dimmable

Venue manager can play quiet music during get-ins & outs

Storage space available free

Viewing – contact Venue Manager. Normal viewing times:

Tuesdays 10.30-3.00

and during our public ceilidhs – see Events – Dates and Times

We can print basic B&W flyers & coloured posters
We can distribute flyers & posters around central Edinburgh for free
We can add your programme to our own website which has about 100 hits/day and sell tickets for you online using Eventbrite &/or by phone &/or at the venue. We charge 5% commission on all ticket sales.

Box Office opening hours

Before festival 0131 339 5374 24 hours
During festival 0131 339 5374 9-12am
(not Sundays) 07585 445 995 12-9pm

We accept most debit/credit cards. We charge 5% commission on ticket sales.
If you wish, we can add payment capability using cards or Eventbrite to our website.

Disabled access
Both halls are on the ground level and are accessible to wheelchair users. There is a wheelchair accessible toilet. The raised stage has a wheelchair lift.

Advertising at our ceilidhs
We run ceilidhs (Scottish dances) 9-11pm every evening during the Fringe except Sundays with audiences of ~ 50-200. We offer a free evening to Fringe Groups if you perform ~ 5 minutes from your show at the interval (~10pm), whether you are performing at Lauriston Halls or not. 1st come, 1st served. If you are too late booking the 5 minutes, you can still quickly advertise your show. It’s a fun night out for your group. There’s also a bar: soft drinks £1, alcohol £3.

To make a booking inquiry
Check Events – Calendar for current bookings then either ring 0131 339 5374 (24 hours) or
e-mail us with required date(s) and times and state whether you are interested in the Large or Small Hall (if you don’t get an answer within 2 days it may be because we’re travelling and out of range of wifi in which case you may want to leave a message on 0131 339 5374 which we check every day)

or submit the following form: